Mia is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. She is a Remlit that belongs to Gaepora. At night, like all Remlits, Mia is transformed into a vicious beast. In this form, she can attack Link while he is roaming around Skyloft. Instructor Horwell, who is taking care of Mia for Gaepora, lets her roam outside at night because of this transformation. Mia is prone to running away, and at the beginning of the game, Link must retrieve her from the roof of the Knight Academy. Mia cannot be defeated. She can be thrown off of the island; however, she will simply fly back to Skyloft, using her large ears as wings. During one conversation between Link and Horwell, he mentions that some point in the past Mia snuck into the Academy after nightfall and caused quite the commotion. Later in the game, after Batreaux transforms into a human, Mia and the other Remlits no longer transform and the monsters no longer appear at night. As a result, Horwell begins taking her out for walks at night as she no longer transforms.


Mia might be named after the military acronym MIA, meaning missing in action, which is a term that refers to the status of a soldier who is a missing combatant. This might relate to Mia going missing during the game.

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