Mezza Lo Shrine is a Shrine from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is located in the Rabia Plain northeast of Kakariko Village and is inaccessible until the Shrine quest "The Crowned Beast" is completed, when it will emerge from the ground nearby. The Sheikah Monk Mogg Latan offers a Spirit Orb to Link upon completion of his trial.


In this Ancient Trifecta trial, Link arrives in a fairly large chamber with platforms against each wall. One holds a Chest containing a Thunderblade, one holds a Foot Switch which controls a barred door on the next platform, which holds Mezza Lo's altar; the fourth platform is the only one accessible from ground level, and holds a Crystal Switch which controls a small column - each time the switch is triggered, the column will rotate clockwise to the next platform. Next to this platform is another one holding a metal box which is blocking a laser beam aimed at the crystal switch. The simplest way to complete the trial is by first using the Sheikah Slate's Magnesis Rune to place the metal box onto the Foot Switch, then using the Stasis Rune on the laser device while standing on the column to activate the Crystal Switch repeatedly until Link can access the monk's platform.

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