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Mermaid Key
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Main appearance(s)
Unlock the Mermaid's Cave
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The Mermaid Key is an item in Oracle of Ages.[1] It is the key to Mermaid's Cave and exists in both time periods, as the Old Mermaid Key for the present and simply the Mermaid Key for the past. Both keys are obtained in a similar fashion.

Old Mermaid Key

Old Mermaid Key

To obtain the Old Mermaid Key, Link must first obtain the Brother Emblem from the Graceful Goron by successfully completing the Goron Dance in the present.[2] Obtaining the Brother Emblem makes Link an honorary Goron,[3] allowing him to bypass the Goron guarding the stairs to the upper reaches of Rolling Ridge.[4][5] Next, Link must complete the Target Carts mini-game with a perfect score in order to receive the Rock Brisket. This item is given to the very same Goron Guard, who happens to be very hungry.[6] In return, he will give Link Goron Vase.[7] Back in the past, the Goron Guard (ancestor of the present one), ironically, would like the vase to use as a heirloom to teach his descendants the value of life.[8][9] In return, Link will be given the Goronade.[10] Finally, after giving the Goronade to the Goron in charge of the Big Bang Game, Link will gain the opportunity to play for the Old Mermaid Key.[11] Once he wins, the key is his.

Mermaid Key

The Mermaid Key is also obtained through a side-quest. Where the Target Carts mini-game is in the present, in the past there is the Goron Shooting Gallery, much like the shooting gallery in Lynna Village.[12] If Link achieves a score of 100 points or more, he will receive the Lava Juice as a prize.[13] Next, in a cave near the summit of Rolling Ridge, Link will meet a Goron who happens to be an acquaintance of the Graceful Goron.[14] If Link already has the old version of the key, the Goron will tell him that it is the Graceful Goron who owns the Mermaid Key. In exchange for the Lava Juice, the Goron will offer to introduce Link to the Graceful Goron with the Letter of Introduction.[15] Once it is shown to the Graceful Goron, he will agree to give Link the Mermaid Key, but only if Link proves himself by matching his skills in a dancing contest. Once this is done, Link will be the proud owner of both Mermaid Keys, leaving Mermaid's Cave waiting for him.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Mermaid Key Old Mermaid Key
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland EnglishUK Mermaid Key Old Mermaid Key
Japan Japanese にんぎょのカギ ふるいにんぎょのカギ
French-speaking countries French Clé Sirène Vielle Clé Sirène
Federal Republic of Germany German Nixenschlüssel Alter Nixenschlüssel
Italian Republic Italian Chiave Sirena Prechiave Sirena
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Llave de la Sirena Antigua Llave de la Sirena



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