This article is about the The Legend of Zelda character. For the character from Ocarina of Time, see Carpet Merchant. For the characters from The Wind Waker, see Traveling Merchants.
— Merchant

The Merchant is a character from The Legend of Zelda. As his name may suggest, he is a friendly individual that can sell Link various items in exchange for Rupees. He is found in many locations around Hyrule, from caves to staircases hidden under objects such as Armos Statues. Interestingly, as Link's tunic color changes according to which defensive ring he is wearing, the Merchant's tunic changes color to match that of Link's tunic. This is most likely due to the technology limitations of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Like the Old Man, Old Woman and Secret Moblin, it is unknown if every Merchant that appears is the same character, or if many exist throughout Hyrule.

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