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Not to be confused with Shopkeeper.

Merchants are recurring characters in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2][3]


The Legend of Zelda

A Merchant from The Legend of Zelda

Merchants can be found either in caves or underground. Their shops are located in 12 areas in the First Quest and in 15 areas in the Second Quest. The items they sell to Link and their prices vary from a merchant to another.[4] There are four types of merchants: the ones who sell Magical Shields, Keys, and Blue Candles; Merchants who sell Magical Shields, Bombs and, Arrows; the ones who sell Magical Shields, Food, and Hearts; and only one Merchant in each quest who sells Keys, Food, and the Blue Ring.

Wares and Pricing

Item Prices
1 2 3 4
TLoZ Magical Shield Sprite.png
Magical Shield
TLoZ Yellow Rupee Sprite.png 160 Rupees TLoZ Yellow Rupee Sprite.png 130 Rupees TLoZ Yellow Rupee Sprite.png 90 Rupees N/A
TLoZ Key Sprite.png
TLoZ Yellow Rupee Sprite.png 100 Rupees N/A N/A TLoZ Yellow Rupee Sprite.png 80 Rupees
TLoZ Blue Candle Sprite.png
Blue Candle
TLoZ Yellow Rupee Sprite.png 60 Rupees N/A N/A N/A
TLoZ Food Sprite.png
N/A N/A TLoZ Yellow Rupee Sprite.png 100 Rupees TLoZ Yellow Rupee Sprite.png 60 Rupees
TLoZ Heart Sprite.png
N/A N/A TLoZ Yellow Rupee Sprite.png 10 Rupees N/A
TLoZ Bomb Sprite.png
N/A TLoZ Yellow Rupee Sprite.png 20 Rupees N/A N/A
TLoZ Arrow Sprite.png
N/A TLoZ Yellow Rupee Sprite.png 80 Rupees N/A N/A
TLoZ Blue Ring Sprite.png
Blue Ring
N/A N/A N/A TLoZ Yellow Rupee Sprite.png 250 Rupees

Breath of the Wild

Merchants can be found travelling to and from different Stables, as well as on the paths between Stables and towns. When it's raining, most merchants will change out their stock, selling better items than they do during regular weather.

List of Merchants

Merchant Wares Location
Agus Materials Dueling Peaks Stable
Hateno Village
Beedle Arrows
Kara Kara Bazaar
Botrick Arrows Outskirt Stable
Bugut Materials Dueling Peaks Stable
Kakariko Village
Cambo Materials Wetland Stable
Kakariko Village
Chumin Materials Lakeside Stable
Lurelin Village
Gaile Elixirs Foothill Stable
Gartan Arrows
Gerudo Canyon Stable
Gerudo Desert
Giro Arrows
Dueling Peaks
Jini Arrows Mounted Archery Camp
Kairo Materials Maw of Death Mountain
Kanny Material Snowfield Stable
Serenne Stable
Maypin Materials Gerudo Canyon Stable
Mezer Materials Dueling Peaks
Russ Shields Trilby Plain
Stamm Materials Akkala Highlands
Teli Materials Fort Hateno
Hateno Village
Yammo Materials Tabantha Bridge Stable
Serenne Stable

Other Appearances

Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland

The Wand of Gamelon

TWoG Merchant Cutscene Sprite.png

In The Wand of Gamelon, the Merchant is the owner of the General Store in Sakado.[5] He sells Zelda Rope, Lantern Oil, and Bombs. His mannerisms suggest that he is quite sinister and greedy, and is more interested in making a profit.[6] If Zelda does not have enough Rubies to afford something, he suggests that she fight a few Goriyas.

Wares and Pricing

The Merchant's Shop
Item Selling Price
Bombs(3)Bombs (3)
20 Rubies
Rope(3)Rope (3)
10 Rubies
Lamp Oil(3)Lamp Oil (3)
5 Rubies


  • Depending on which defensive ring Link wears, the clothing of the Merchants changes to match the color of Link's Tunic.
  • In the Merchant's cutscene in The Wand of Gamelon, a Bomb is marked with a price tag of 20.00, erroneously suggesting that an unstated decimal currency is used as part of Gamelon's currency. The Bombs are actually priced at 20 Rubies for three.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapaneseおじさん (Ojisan)
商人 (Shōnin)[7]
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