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The most popular merchandise related to The Legend of Zelda series is specialized apparel, especially t-shirts. There is no better way to show of one's love for the franchise than to flaunt around the nearest mall, party, or gathering wearing a Zelda hat, hoodie, or a Triforce belt buckle.

Because wearable fabric is the most customizable of any Zelda merchandise, thousands of different designs have been made, cataloging the series ascension from the 8-bit era to the current age of three dimensional graphics and full color images. Out of the entire catalog of Zelda merchandise, there is very little official Nintendo apparel in comparison to that made by third parties, unaffiliated websites, and fans.

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Official Apparel and Clothing[]

Assorted T-Shirts[]

Assorted Outerwear[]

Assorted Headwear[]


Socks and Gloves[]

Backpacks and Bags[]

Bands, Cuff links[]

Belt Buckles, Belts[]



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