"What business have you in Ikana Kingdom, land where only the dead roam? This is no place for one as full of life as you. Or do you say that you wish to join the dead? That is fine... If that is the case, sleep gently to the Melody of Darkness that the great composer, Sharp shall play... and join the ranks of the dead."

The "Melody of Darkness", also known as "Sharp's Curse", is a song from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. It is a melody composed by the elder Composer Brother, Sharp. It is capable of sucking the life force out of all living things that are exposed to the tune. When conducting it, Sharp makes cutting motions with his baton, as if to signify inflicting pain of some sort. The song is in a minor key to symbolize darkness and danger. It seems to be played by a piano and theremin.

When Link enters the spring in Ikana Canyon, Sharp appears and plays this song, and Link loses a quarter of a heart for every second he listens to it. If Link plays the "Song of Storms", which he learned from Sharp's brother, Flat, Sharp's blight will be purged, and he will thank Link for stopping him. The water is then allowed to pass from the spring once more, activating the Music Box House in the area. The song emitted by the Music Box House, "Farewell to Gibdos", drives away all of the Gibdos in the vicinity.

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