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Mellie's Plum Garden
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Mellie's Plum Garden is a location in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Features and Overview

Mellie's Plum Garden is located in Kakariko Village. It is located just East of Steen's Swift Carrot farm, down the slight decline. It houses nine plum Trees, all of which were planted by Impa on the day Mellie was born.[2] As such, Mellie has cared for and tended to them all her life to the point where she considers them an extension of herself, therefore she forbids everyone from entering, including Link.[3] Whether they were planted specifically to commemorate Mellie's birth isn't specified; Impa planted Mellie's Plum Garden despite the poor weather,[4] but the Sheikah possess clothing that lets them work in the rain.[5] Should all of Mellie's plum Trees get destroyed, Mellie considers her life worthless.[6] During the day, and the Flown the Coop Side Quest, one of Cado's Cuccos can be found here, but cannot be retrieved when Mellie is around.

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