"Plums symbolize endurance and prosperity. The way they persevere through the harshness of winter and flower at the first sign of spring... We Sheikah strive to live in harmony with our environment and consider plum trees the silent guardians of our village. These plums here where planted by Impa on the day I was born. They're special to me, so I keep a close watch on them."

Mellie's Plum Garden is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is located at Kakariko Village in the West Necluda region of Hyrule. As its name implies, it is a plum garden owned by Mellie. Unlike her husband's pumpkin patch Olkin's Pumpkins, Mellie's Plum Garden is not a shop and is actually a garden of plum trees planted by Impa on the day Mellie was born which Mellie herself cares for in her old age seeing them as a symbol of endurance and prosperity. Mellie is very protective of the plum trees and will scold Link if he sets foot in her garden or climbs the fence surrounding it and the sign in near her garden "No Trespassing", forcing him to leave the garden. She will also yell at Link if he cuts down one of the trees using a sword with a long reach, Spin Attack with a cutting weapon, by throwing a cutting weapon at the trees, or using a Remote Bomb. Mellie will become sadden and despondent if all the trees are destroyed as her life loses all meaning with them gone showing how much they mean to her, though they will regrow if Link leaves the area and returns later. Mellie will still force Link to leave the garden even if all her trees are destroyed. If it is raining when they are destroyed Mellie reveals it was raining the day the garden was planted and Mellie was born thus finds it fitting her life should end on a rainy day though again the garden will regrow. After it regrows, Mellie will return to business as usual as if nothing happened to the garden indicating Mellie can be somewhat melodramatic when it comes to the destruction of her plum garden. If Link destroys only a single tree and talks to her Mellie will note their seem to be less trees than before though assumes its just her imagination.

However Mellie's overprotectiveness makes it difficult for Link to access the Cucco inside the garden which he needs to retrieve for Cado as one of the seven Cuccos him must find and return to Cado as part of the Side Quest "Flown the Coop". However Mellie only yells at Link when she is tending her garden, so he can obtain the Cucco during the early morning or the evening when Mellie leaves to prepare dinner for her husband. Ironically she has no trouble with the Cucco trespassing in her garden despite scolding Link for dropping food into her garden to attract birds.

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