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Mellie is a character in Breath of the Wild.[3]


Mellie resides in Kakariko Village, where she raises plum trees. According to her, plums represent endurance and prosperity, and thus are the "silent guardians" of Kakariko Village.[4] The plum trees in Mellie's Plum Garden were planted the day Mellie was born,[5] and she considers them to be a part of her. She will reprimand Link if he intrudes into her Garden, wishing to protect the plum trees for as long as she can.[6] As she considers them a part of her, she claims that she will perish if and when the plum trees rot away. If Link manages to destroy all the plum trees, Mellie will once again tell him about their importance. Then, after a short pause, she will scold herself for lecturing Link when the plum trees are no longer present. [7] Afterwards, Mellie expresses her self pity and claims that when her precious plum trees died, so did life's meaning. [8] Additionally, if Link destroys the trees while it is raining, Mellie admits that it was raining the day she was born and therefore it is fitting for it to be rainy on the day her soul was to die as well. [9]

In the evening, Mellie can be found cooking dinner for both herself and her husband using Olkin's Fortified Pumpkins.[10] When Link speaks to her, she explains that Olkin's rivalry with Steen steams from his hatred of Carrots,[11] although she doesn't understand it.[12]


Mellie's name is derived from Melon.

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Latin AmericaSpanishLAMelia
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