Melari's Mines is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. It is the home of the Minish Elder Melari and his seven apprentices. The mines consist of a large main chamber that branches off into smaller rooms that serve as living quarters, presumably rooms that were previously mined. Down below in the central chamber, Melari and a few of his assistants practice their blacksmithing, while the rest of the Mountain Minish mine the northern edges of the cavern.

There are only two noticeable entrances to the mines: one on the northern wall and one to the west. Link first enters the cavern from the north.


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After recovering the Earth Element from Deepwood Shrine, Link returns to Gentari in the Minish Village. Gentari instructs him to go to Mount Crenel and see a Minish named Melari. He says that Melari may be able to repair the Picori Blade. When Link arrives and requests that Melari fix the broken Picori Blade, Melari happily complies. Melari then sends him to the Cave of Flames, so that Link may retrieve the Fire Element while Melari and his apprentices work on the sword.

After Link returns from defeating Gleerok and obtaining the Fire Element, Melari gives Link the White Sword.

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