"Green clothes? And an odd hat?!? Sir! Might you be young Link? I am Melari, master smith. I hear you want me to reforge the sacred sword and help break a curse. I'll be needin' the old sword, which holds the power of the elements, first. Show me that broken Picori Blade! I love all this adventure, what with the rescuing of princesses and such. I'd be happy to reforge this thing into a brand-new sacred blade for you."
— Melari

Melari is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. He is a Minish blacksmith living in the mines of Mount Crenel with his seven apprentices.


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When Link brings Melari the broken Picori Blade, he agrees to reforge it, but reveals that the blade has lost all power. He instructs Link to search for the Fire Element in the Cave of Flames, while he and his two best apprentices work on reforging the sword. After Link defeats the temple's boss, Gleerok, and collects the Fire Element, Melari gives him the White Sword, which is the reforged Picori Blade. He then directs Link to the Elemental Sanctuary in the Hyrule Castle Garden.

Link can fuse a Kinstone with Melari to cause a Bean Stalk to grow on Mount Crenel.

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