The Mekar Island is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is an island found in Mekar River which surrounds the Lost Woods in the Great Hyrule Forest region of Hyrule. Mount Drena and the Lost Woods can be viewed from the island. The island itself is mostly barren save for a tree at its center and a burn out Campfire which Link can light. The campfire is sheltered by the tree thus can be lit even if its raining. There is a rock next to the campfire which Link may find an item underneath such as Flint.

While the island itself is mostly peaceful during the day, at night it becomes home to a large group of Stalkoblins, Stalmoblin, and Stalizalfos wielding high tier weapons related to their archetype making it dangerous at night though Link can avoid confrontation by wearing the two star or higher "Radient" Armor set, Majora's Mask, or the Phantom Ganon armor set as they disguise Link to all three "Stal" monster archetypes.

However as they are weaker than their living counterparts and wield high tier Boko, Lizal, and Moblin armaments it is a useful place for acquiring said weapon. The weapons include Dragonbone Boko Clubs, Dragonbone Boko Shield, Dragonbone Boko Spear, Dragonbone Boko Bow, Dragonbone Moblin Club, Dragonbone Moblin Spear, Forked Lizal Spear, Lizal Tri-Boomerang, Steel Lizal Shield, and Steel Lizal Bow.The Stalkoblin archer wields Bomb Arrows while the Stalizalfos archer wields Ice Arrows thus Link should eliminate them first. ChuChus also may appear day or night though at night the Stal monsters must be defeated before the ChuChus appear to ambush Link. Interestingly despite being near Korok Forest, no Koroks are found hiding upon the island.


The name for Mekar Island along with Mekar River like many locations come from someone or something from a previous installment. Mekar Island and River come from the sage Makar, from The Wind Waker.


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