Mei is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Mei is a Zora from Zora's Domain in the Lanayru Great Spring region of Hyrule. She is the wife of Fronk. Link can first encounter Mei in the waters around Hylia Island or on the small island east of Hylia Island in Lake Hylia region of Hyrule. If he speaks to her she tells him she is fishing for rare fish in Lake Hylia. In Zora's Domain if Link speaks to her son Tumbo he will ask if he's seen Mei during his travels.

Related Side Quest

Mei plays a central role during the side quest "A Wife Washed Away" when he has to locate her at the behest of her husband Fronk who reveals she want fishing around the the time the Divine Beast Vah Ruta awakened and still hadn't returned after Link calms Vah Ruta causing him to worry if she got washed downriver due to the torrential rainfall though Mei apparently reached Lake Hylia on her own. Link can find her still fishing in Lake Hylia around Hylia Island. He discovers that Mei was fine and had simply gotten so carried away fishing in Lake Hylia that she completely forgot and lost track of time. She rewards Link with five Staminoka Bass as thanks for telling her before returning to her family in Zora's Domain.


Mei is a somewhat carefree individual who ignored Vah Ruta's rampage and want fishing like she would normally and apparently gets so carried away while fishing in Lake Hylia that she lost track of how long she'd been gone. However she loves her husband and children, crying and apologizing upon realizing she had left her darling husband alone with the children and made him worry unnecessarily. After rewarding Link she immediately sets off to return home to her worried husband whom is grateful she is alive and well.

Like most Zora of her generation including her husband, Mei is friendly towards Hylians and is not prejudiced towards them or hold them responsible for the Great Calamity like the Council of Elders. However she is apparently either too young to remember the Hylian Champion or was born after the Great Calamity like Dunma and other young adult Zora unfamiliar with Link as she does not recognize him.

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