Mega Ice

Noko with some Mega Ice

Mega Ice is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. It is made by the Anoukis and can be used to cool extremely hot substances such as lava. However, being ice, it melts quickly in all areas except the Snow Realm, and therefore must be brought to its destination quickly.

Mega Ice must be brought to Goron Village to cool the lava eruptions that had been taking place there. However, an Ice ChuChu fell into the pool used to make it in Anouki Village, and Noko asks that Link bring him to another place suitable for making Mega Ice. If he is brought to Wellspring Station, he is able to make Mega Ice once again and give it to Link to cool the lava eruptions. Mega Ice can also be brought to the Fish Saleswoman in Papuchia Village in order to keep her fish from spoiling. If this is done, she rewards Link with a Force Gem leading to the Pirate Hideout, and creates an easy passage to the Sand Realm.

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