"They say that Medigoron didn't really think about his own size, so his store is really cramped."
Gossip Stone

Medigoron's Blade Store is a shop from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It is located in Goron City, and the proprietor of the shop is Medigoron. To enter the shop, Link must destroy three walls on the third floor with the use of Bombs. Medigoron's Shop is very cramped, as he is much larger than the average Goron; he takes up most of the room, while to his left is a stove, and to his right is a Gossip Stone.

When Link is an adult, Medigoron will sell him a Giant's Knife for 200 Rupees. Although it is twice as powerful as the Master Sword, this is considered by most to be a bad deal as the Giant's Knife breaks after 8 or fewer swings. It can still be used after it breaks; however, it will have an incredibly short range, and the damage it deals will be reduced to that of a Deku Stick.

After obtaining Biggoron's Sword, Medigoron will no longer sell the Giant's Knife to Link.

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