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"Malena's husband has fallen ill. He needs the guts of a Molduga in order to get better. The Molduga is a ferocious monster that's sensitive to the slightest vibration, and it attacks anything that comes near it. The woman is desperately looking for help, but nobody seems capable..."
— Quest description

Medicinal Molduga is a side quest from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a quest given to Link by Malena in the Gerudo Desert. It is one of the side quests related and needed to be completed for the main quest The Thunder Helm. Link is disguised as Hylian female while in Gerudo Town.

The objective is to obtain Molduga Guts by slaying a Molduga. Link has then to return at Gerudo Town and give Malena the guts. Malena gratefully rewards Link with a gold Rupee.

If Link talks to her afterwards she will ask Link his name. She will then note that it is a sturdy "Voe" name but states she will probably name her child "Vehvi" after him if she ever has one. If he says he is a traveler, she hopes to be a kind "Vai" like him.

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