The Medal of Honor: Talus is a key item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. After completing the main story, Link can obtain it from Kilton as a reward after having defeated once all forty Talus mini-bosses located throughout Hyrule. Each of the forty Talus has a specific location in Hyrule. The Medal of Honor: Talus serves no purpose other than an award recognizing Link's accomplishment of finding and defeating all forty Talus mini-bosses in Hyrule.

There are five variants of Talus mini-boss: Stone Talus, Stone Talus (Luminous), Stone Talus (Rare), Igneo Talus, and Frost Talus. All Talus are vulnerable to Bomb Arrows and Hammers. Igneo Talus are vulnerable to Ice elemental weapons and Ice Arrows while Frost Talus are vulnerable to Fire elemental weapons and Fire Arrows which remove their elemental protection allowing Link to climb them and attack their Ore Deposit weak points.

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