The Medal of Honor: Hinox is a key item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. After completing the main story, Link can obtain it from Kilton as a reward after having defeated once all forty Hinox mini-bosses located throughout Hyrule. Each of the forty Hinox has a specific location in Hyrule. The Medal of Honor: Hinox serves no purpose other than an award recognizing Link's accomplishment of finding and defeating all forty Hinox mini-bosses in Hyrule.

There are four variants of Hinox: Hinox, Blue Hinox, Black Hinox, and Stalnox. All Hinox are vulnerable to arrows shot into their eye weak point which stuns them. Link can then attack them with melee weapons. However Hinox will sometimes protect their eye using their hand. Some Hinox have wooden leg armor that must be burned off, or metal armor that can only be destroyed by electrical weapons. Link must destroy a Stalnox's eye in order to defeat it or it will regenerate. Stalnox found outdoors can only be fought at night and appear as inactive Hinox skeletons during the day. One Stalnox guards the Hylian Shield inside Hyrule Castle's Lockup. Link only has to defeat each specimen once for it to count as it is next to impossible to defeat all 40 before a Blood Moon revives all slain Hinox.

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