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The Meadow of Skotness is a location in Zelda's Adventure.

Features and overview[]

The Meadow of Skotness is a large, green meadow that covers the southern half of central Tolemac. It is a large plain filled with green grass, and with very little trees in the area, in contrast to the Forest of Findo to the south and the Forest of Torian to the north. It is most notably a farming land, with at least two farm yards in the region. A river known as the Skotness River flows through the meadow,[1] which is branched off from the river in the Forest of Torian. On the west side of the river is the town settlement of Great Wimbich. However due to a lack of a bridge, it can only be accessed by crossing a fallen tree log over the river. A medium-sized pond can also be found on the other side of the river, where a snake can be encountered. If Zelda plays the Flute next to it, it will combust and leave behind the Pyros Spell. A Raft can also be found next to this pond.

The meadow's sole living inhabitant is a Farmer standing outside of his red barn. He warns Zelda to be careful in the meadow as Tektites and Leevers are common during that particular time of year.[2] A pair of Ghost Farmers also live in a ruined farm house on the western side of the meadow, and have worked the land for 300 years.[3] One of the Ghost Farmers mentions that a minion of Ganon lives in a world of water, and also tells Zelda that she can cross any fjord of the Skotness River using the Red Boots.

In the game's ending after Zelda defeats Ganon, Cows can be seen grazing in the meadow close to the river.




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