"The mayor of the town of Hyrule. He's a big collector of odd masks. He's built a shelter into his garden just in case monsters ever attack Hyrule."

Mayor Hagen is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. He is the mayor of Hyrule Town. While he does not always perform his job with utmost seriousness, he is still a respected man in Hyrule Town. Mayor Hagen's hobbies include making and collecting masks, which Link can knock off of the walls using the Pegasus Boots to reveal a Minish pathway.

Sometimes a bit scatter-brained, Mayor Hagen tends to forget about things he leaves lying about, such as the book A History of Masks, which he left in his lakeside cabin at Lake Hylia. Link must, at one point, collect this book to reach Librari in the Royal Hyrule Library.

Mayor Hagen is also apparently rather paranoid, as he has built a secret shelter in his garden "just in case monsters ever attack Hyrule". This shelter is part of a series of tunnels below Hyrule Town. Ezlo seems to have slight disdain for Mayor Hagen, telling Link that he views Hagen as somewhat unreliable.

Fusing Kinstones with Mayor Hagen unlocks a wallet upgrade which can be found in a pool of water at Lon Lon Ranch.

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