"The goats are gettin' out, the monkeys are causin' trouble... It's tough bein' mayor!"
— Mayor Bo

Mayor Bo is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. He is the mayor of Ordon Village and the father of Ilia.


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Prior to the events of the game, Bo befriended the Gorons of Death Mountain by defeating one of their kind in a sumo wrestling match. However, he apparently cheated to win their respect, as he used the Iron Boots to increase his weight and defeat his opponent.

As the mayor of Ordon Village, Mayor Bo is the one in charge of the village's tribute payment to the King of Hyrule. He sends Link to deliver the Ordon Sword, a sword inlaid with horns from the goats of Ordon Village, to Hyrule Castle. However, Hyrule is quickly attacked by Zant and his Twilight beings, and the delivery never takes place; Link is forced to take the sword for himself in order to battle the forces of evil.


Mayor Bo and Link participating in sumo wrestling

Later, Link is attempting to climb Death Mountain and gain access to the Goron Mines; however, the Gorons consider him an enemy and halt his ascent to the top of the mountain by rolling in his direction and knocking him over should he attempt to cross it. Following Renado's suggestion, Link travels back to Ordon Village and asks Bo for advice. Mayor Bo realizes that Link has the potential to be a hero and teaches him the sacred art of sumo wrestling. After Link beats him in a regular match, he presents Link with the Iron Boots he once used to win the respect of the Gorons. Link uses these boots to withstand the crushing force of the Gorons and makes his way to their city, where he defeats their elder, Gor Coron.

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"Bo" is the Irish Gaelic word for "cow". This may relate to Ordon's rural setting.


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