Maus are enemies from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. They are animated versions of the cat-headed statues that decorate the walls of the palaces, and are found in the Island Palace, Maze Island Palace, Ocean Palace and Hidden Palace. They attack in a slow pattern, appearing from off the screen in either direction and approaching Link. They move through either flight or levitation and change their elevation as they move forward and spit balls of energy at Link as they move.

Although Maus are not individually tough, they frequently appear in large swarms. Generally, areas with Maus will spawn them infinitely. The energy balls simply damage Link, but contact with the Maus themselves causes Link to lose Experience points. Maus never drop Magic Vials or P Bags but do give Link Experience.


Maus were very likely named after the cat breed Egyptian Mau. The Mau is an ancient breed of cat from which many more modern cats have been bred.

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