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The Match Master is a character in Tri Force Heroes.[1] He is responsible for matching Link with other heroes.


The Match Master is in charge of matching Link with other heroes, as only groups of three are permitted to enter the Drablands.[2] He can be found in the multiplayer lobby as well as the Coliseum lobby of Hytopia Castle, where Hytopia's Triforce Gateways are kept, the only known entrances to the Drablands.[3] By speaking with him, Link can request to be paired with two other heroes, be it through local play, Download Play, or online play. Once all three heroes arrive, the Triforce Gateway will open.

During online play, the Match Master will ask Link which Area of the Drablands he wishes to go to, whether he wants to do Drablands Challenges, and whether he is a slow or fast hero (as of the 2.0.0 update). At the Coliseum, he will ask whether Link is a rookie or an experienced battler. The answers Link gives will match him with other heroes who answered the same. Likewise, the Match Master can also be spoken with again if the host wishes to change these settings, but only when no one else is in the lobby. Heroes must also speak to the Match Master if they wish to drop out. If the host drops out, then the whole team is disbanded.

The Match Master will also warn Link if he does something that is considered bad behavior, such as immediately dropping out of a Level through the pause menu.


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