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"He breaks the rocks that serve to bind,
Above the tempestuous bay.
On wings of cloth and wood entwined,
He lands on the altar to open the way.
— Kass

Master of the Wind is a Shrine quest in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is obtained from the Rito minstrel Kass in the northern cove of Lanayru Great Spring. He sings a song about a nearby ancient altar, pointing out several breakable boulders on rock formations spread around the cove. Once three of the boulders are destroyed using the Sheikah Slate's Remote Bomb function or Bomb Arrows, three wind streams will combine to create a larger stream which will carry Link from the center of the formation to the altar using the Paraglider, and revealing a nearby shrine once he lands on it to complete the quest. It is important that Link lands on the altar as he is hanging from the Paraglider - if he is gliding above the platform and simply drops down onto it, the quest will not be completed.

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