"This massive sword has been dropped by Koloktos. Although it is quite heavy you should be able to wield it, Master."

Massive Swords are items from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. These swords are used in battle by Koloktos, the boss of the Ancient Cistern. During the second phase of the battle against Koloktos, it utilizes six Massive Swords. Using the Whip, Link can disarm Koloktos of one to three of these swords. Link can then proceed to pick up one of the Massive Swords, and use it to destroy the boss' arms, legs, and the barrier guarding its core; due to the sword's size, Link must carry it with both hands, which disables the usage of a shield. When Koloktos reassembles itself, it will summon all six swords back into its hands. If, at any point during the battle, Link should require more hearts, he can use a Massive Sword to destroy one of the pillars in the room, or lure Koloktos into doing the same. One swing of the sword can also kill a Cursed Bokoblin summoned by Koloktos. The Massive Swords remain around Koloktos' remains after the boss' defeat, but cannot be taken outside of the boss room.

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