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Masked Ship
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The Masked Ship is a shop in Phantom Hourglass.

Features and Overview

The Masked Ship is managed by Beedle's alter ego, Beedle's Assistant.[1] It appears instead of Beedle's Shop Ship from 10am to noon on weekends and 10pm to midnight on weekdays, according to the Nintendo DS clock.

When Link first boards the Masked Ship, Beedle's Assistant pretends that have not already met on Beedle's Shop Ship. He claims to be holding a liquidation sale on account of the store's imminent closure in seven days.[2] This turns out to be a marketing ploy, as the next day the shop reopens and hosts a "grand reopening sale" with prices no different from before.[3]

Wares and Pricing

Item Price
PH Heart Container Model.png
Heart Container
PH Green Rupee Icon.png 1500 Rupees
PH Courage Gem Model.png
Good Thing
PH Green Rupee Icon.png 500 Rupees
PH SS Linebeck Model.png
Random Ship Part
Random Treasure Varies
PH Red Potion Model.png
Red Potion
PH Green Rupee Icon.png 80 Rupees
PH Yellow Potion Model.png
Yellow Potion
PH Green Rupee Icon.png 200 Rupees

Once the Courage Gem is purchased, the Yellow Potion becomes available in that slot.


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