"That is the Mask of Scents, isn't it? You've done well to get that mask. Looking at its condition, I can tell that its previous owner was neat and tidy."
Happy Mask Salesman

The Mask of Scents is one of the twenty-four masks that Link can collect in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. It enhances the wearer's olfactory sense, or sense of smell. Link is given this mask by the Deku Butler after he manages to keep up with him in a race through the Deku Shrine.

The Mask of Scents allows Link to track the odor of mushrooms with ease. These mushrooms can in turn be brought to Kotake at the Magic Hags' Potion Shop to obtain Blue Potion. Mushrooms can be found in various places, but the most interesting is in the Stock Pot Inn; if Link visits the room on the second floor where the Gorman Troupe is staying, he can use the Mask of Scents to find a mushroom hidden within a pair of boxers on one of the beds.

The shape of the Mask of Scents resembles a hog or pig; this is likely because pigs are known for their acute sense of smell. In addition, pigs are known for their ability to sniff out truffles, a rare type of mushroom.

The Mask of Scents has the same color as Link's skin; when worn, Link looks like a humanoid pig, rather than a human wearing a pig mask. In addition, the mask replaces all of Link's shouts and grunts with pig noises, and Link's idle stance with a hunched-over, "sniffing" animation, when worn.

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