Martha's Bay is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. A region of Koholint Island, it is inhabited by a mermaid named Martha, after whom the bay is named.

Martha's Bay lies in the southeastern section of Koholint Island, and the entrance to the Catfish's Maw lies in the center of the bay. Also, a sculpture of Martha by Schule Donavitch, The Mourning Mermaid, is located on the shores south of Martha's Bay.

Points of interest

Catfish's Maw

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Located in the center of Martha's Bay, Catfish's Maw houses the fifth Instrument of the Sirens, the Wind Marimba. Link can access the dungeon only if he has located the Flippers from Angler's Tunnel. Link finds the Hookshot at the defeat of Master Stalfos.

The Mourning Mermaid

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Created by the famed artist and sculptor, Schule Donavitch, the Mourning Mermaid is a sculpture of Martha. Placed on the shore of the Martha's Bay, the sculpture covers a mysterious cave. The Mourning Mermaid is one of the final steps in completing the quest for the Magnifying Lens.


Martha's Bay

Martha's Bay

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