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Mark of the Triforce
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The Mark of the Triforce is a recurring Symbol in The Legend of Zelda series.[name reference needed][1]


The Adventure of Link

The Mark of the Triforce appears on Link's hand on his sixteenth birthday, identifying him as the one who must place six Crystals in the Palaces around Hyrule, dispelling the barrier placed on the Great Palace by the soon-to-die King of Hyrule to protect the Triforce of Courage from those who would misuse its powers.

When Link shows it to Impa, she presses his hand against a door in North Castle that has never been opened in many years, revealing the slumbering Princess Zelda. Impa then explains the Tragedy of Zelda I to Link, while giving him the crystals and a scroll that reveals to the hero his new objective.

Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages

In Oracle of Seasons, Link possesses the Mark of the Triforce on his hand, but it is unknown if he had it prior to his first summons by the Triforce at the beginning of the game played first, or if he was branded with it by the relic when sent on his journey.

After saving the second Oracle, Link's mark glows, fully restoring his vitality and, together with both Din and Nayru, Link appears at the Room of Rites to stop Twinrova's plan to resurrect Ganon.

Oracle of Seasons

Din notices Link's mark and comments that the bearer is destined to meet a special fate. After which, she nearly tells Link something, but thinks better of it and leads him in another dance before Onox interrupts and attacks.

In the non-linked ending, some monsters close in on an unsuspecting Link and Din, but flee when Link's mark glows.

Oracle of Ages

When Veran attempted to infiltrate the Forest of Time in Labrynna, she was obstructed by a barrier, one she couldn't slip past even when possessing Impa, who was granted access in advance. Only Link is able to push the stone aside, unknowingly allowing Veran to get to Nayru. Veran had noticed that the triangle on the stone was a sign, and deduced that Link, bearing the Mark of the Triforce, would be able to bypass it for her.

Twilight Princess

Link is shown to have the Mark of the Triforce on his left hand, likely showing his possession of the Triforce of Courage.

As Princess Zelda and Ganondorf wear gloves, it is unknown if they also possess marks of their own to show their possessions of Wisdom and Power, respectively.

Skyward Sword

The Mark of the Triforce is given to Link by Zelda as proof that he is Hylia's Chosen Hero who can wield the power of the Triforce.[2][3] It first appears on his right hand when she uses her power as the Goddess to bless him and his Master Sword,[4] transforming the Sword into the True Master Sword and recognizing Link as the Chosen Hero.[5]



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