"It takes about one to three days from the time Zora eggs are laid for them to hatch. But if they aren't kept in this aquarium until then... they may die. The reason for this is that the recent abnormal weather has caused the ocean temperature to rise in this region. Zora eggs are very sensitive to changes in the temperature. The only way the eggs can hatch is if they're placed in this aquarium water, which I set aside for them long ago."

The Marine Research Lab is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. It is located just off Great Bay Coast, sticking out of the water with the help of support pillars. The laboratory is dedicated to the study of marine biology and is run by the Professor. Inside the Marine Research Lab is also a tank with two fish, being raised to help feed the Zoras, as the number of fish in the bay is dwindling. If Link feeds one of them four fish, the larger one will eat the other and spit out a Piece of Heart.


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When Link arrives at Great Bay, he meets a dying Zora called Mikau. Mikau informs Link that the Gerudo Pirates in the area have stolen a set of eggs that belong to Lulu, the lead singer of the Zora Band The Indigo-Go's. As a result, Lulu has lost her voice. Link must retrieve the stolen eggs from the Pirates' Fortress and bring them back to an aquarium in the Marine Research Lab. After Link rescues all seven Zora Eggs, they will simultaneously hatch and teach Link the "New Wave Bossa Nova".

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