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Marbled Gohma (TotK) is the Boss of the Fire Temple in Tears of the Kingdom. It is responsible for infecting the Rock Roasts that the Gorons normally eat with Gloom, turning them into the addictive Marbled Rock-Roasts.


Tears of the Kingdom[]

Hyrule Compendium Entry

XXX (XXX) Marbled Gohma
The culprit behind marbled rock roast, who produced it and brought it to the Eldin region. It uses its rock-covered legs to execute devastating attacks. The eyeball on its head may look vulnerable, but good luck reaching it atop this creature's massive body.
Common Locations
Fire Temple
Recoverable Materials

The Marbled Gohma is the Boss of the Fire Temple. It is responsible for the druglike Marbled Rock that the Gorons became addicted to. It was summoned by Ganondorf. Its main body is formed of dark, reddish rocks. From there, four legs made of Marbled Rock jut out, which it uses to move around. It has a singular eye on top of its main body section.

Phase One[]

To damage the Marbled Gohma, you will need to use Yunobo's charge attack to break two of its legs. When you do, the other two will crumble. Its main body will fall to the ground and you can either climb up and attack its eye, or shoot the eye with arrows from afar. After a little bit, it will shake you off and regenerate its legs. After this you will repeat the process. Try to get off before it shakes you off, as being shaken off will cause you to take high damage. It has a few attacks during this phase. One of them is launching three balls of marbled rock that will explode after a little while. They are dangerous, but the explosions are relatively small compared to the size of the rocks, and they take a while to detonate, so you should have time to get away. Using recall on a rock so that it explodes next to the Marbled Gohma's eye will do a little damage to the boss. It can also use an attack where it lifts a leg and keeps that leg over your head as it virbates, then bring it down for a powerful stomp. If you run just before it stomps you should be able to evade this.

It is also possible to go underneath its main body and climb up with Ascend ability. Do it quick, however, as Marbled Gohma will notice this and slam its main body to the ground.

Phase Two[]

When the Marbled Gohma reaches half health, it will retreat to the ceiling of the room and cling onto it. It will no longer be able to use its stomp attack as it is using all its legs to cling to the ceiling. You can use the curved walls of the room to launch Yunobo onto the ceiling and hit the Marbled Gohma. Only one hit is necessary to crumble all its legs and knock it to the ground, at which point you may attack it like before. It will regenerate its legs like before and return to the ceiling. It only has one attack during this phase. It will drop explosive marbled rocks from the ceiling into a ring surrounding you. Use Recall to get one out of the way and then run out of the ring of rocks before they explode.

When you defeat the Marbled Gohma, all of the marbled rock in Goron City will turn to ash. You will receive a Heart Container and Yunobo's Vow.


Marbled Gohma can be found in the Depths after first defeating it in the Fire Temple. One such location is a circular platform near the chasm leading down from Kakariko Village, between the Arusakam and Takaruk Lightroots. Another location is beneath Mercay Island in the Lanayru Wetlands, by the Uasnoj Lightroot. Assuming you are fighting it with Yunobo's Avatar, the fight will proceed at first almost identically to the first phase of the original bossfight, just with an open area rather than curved walls around the fight. When Marbled Gohma is reduced to half health here, it will not be able to cling to a ceiling, so the fight will continue with the same mechanics. In this second phase, however, it will begin using the attack where it surrounds you with explosive rocks. You can get out of the ring of rocks the same way you would in the Fire Temple.

When a Marbled Gohma is defeated in the depths, a nearby chest that was previously enveloped in gloom will become accessible. It contains a huge crystallized charge, equal to 100 crystallized charges. Marbled Gohma will also drop a Marbled Gohma leg, which can be fused to a weapon to increase its attack power by 38, or left behind. Marbled Gohmas found in the depths will respawn with Blood Moons, but the reward chests will not.

War in the Depths of Hyrule[]

If Link reaches Gloom's Lair before defeating Marbled Gohma in the Fire Temple, he will have to fight it before being allowed to confront Ganondorf, along with other undefeated bosses. Otherwise, if Yunobo awakens as a Sage, he will battle this Marbled Gohma in Link's stead. The battle is identical like the other rematches in the depths, except that without Yunobo's power, it is impossible to destroy the legs. The only way to damage Marbled Gohma is to go underneath its main body and climb up with Ascend ability.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ボルドゴーマ (Borudo Gōma) Bold Gohma


  • The giant marbled rocks Marbled Gohma summoned in Phase two can be attached together or to other things using Ultrahand, making it able to be summoned anytime by Link with Autobuild. When summoned, if done correctly, marbled rocks can crush those monsters such as Moblins and defeat them in one hit. This method, however, does not work on sub-bosses such as Stone Talus.



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