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Syrup's Apprentice[citation needed]
Main appearance(s)
Syrup (grandmother)
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Maple is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[2][citation needed] She is the apprentice witch of her grandmother Syrup in Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons.[3] In the Game Boy Advance port of A Link to the Past, Maple replaces the Hooded Shopkeeper as the Witch's Hut keeper.


She likes to sneak out and fly her broomstick, though her skills on it are somewhat questionable, often swooping about and crashing into Link. Maple's inability to control her broomstick causes many of her, and Link's, items to scatter about the ground. However, in order for Maple to crash in to Link, Link must walk up to Maple while she is riding the broomstick, ironically.

Maple appears after Link has killed thirty monsters, or fifteen while wearing Maple's Ring. Whenever Link 'bumps' into Maple, a large amount of both of their items are thrown about the area. Maple will waste little time gathering her dropped items, grabbing everything, even Link's items.[4] Depending on how many of Link's fallen Rupees she is able to collect over time, Maple will eventually trade her broom for a vacuum cleaner. In a Linked Game, Maple is even capable of riding a flying saucer. Link will not drop any major items when bumping into Maple, such as the Sword, Pieces of Heart or the Seed Satchel.


Maple follows Link around, even through time in Oracle of Ages, flying down to him every 30 enemies, or 15 with Maple's Ring, he defeats. The first time Link bumps into her in the past in Oracle of Ages, she states she flew through a time portal,[citation needed] explaining her presence 400 years in the past. The rarity of the item she has, usually the Ring, is often signified by how erratically she flies. The more complex the path she takes, the rarer the items she has. Maple appears only on certain screens of the map.

When Link first bumps into Maple, she is upset and annoyed with Link. Later on, though, she seems to view her crash encounters more as a game, and will be happy or sad depending on how many items Link is able to grab before her.[5]

Item Priority

The items dropped by both Maple and Link have a certain priority level to Maple.

  1. Piece of Heart
  2. Gasha Seed
  3. Magic Potion
  4. Magic Ring
  5. Bombs
  6. Mystical Seeds
  7. Hearts
  8. Red Rupees
  9. Green Rupees

Oracle of Seasons (Himekawa)

Maple plays a fairly large role in the Oracle of Seasons manga by Akira Himekawa, alongside Ricky and Link, journeying with them after meeting in the Temple of Seasons. Maple constantly says she only tags along because she wants the Rod of Seasons, but after obtaining it from Link through a stroke of good luck on her part and leaving them, Maple eventually returns to Link's aid just in time to help him defeat General Onox. She is depicted in the manga as a kind witch, despite her selfishness who does not have constant effective control over most of her spells. She is essential in the defeat of Onox.


  • Her full name is Maple Syrup, as seen in the Oracle of Seasons You Decide on the Adventure book.
  • Irene from A Link Between Worlds is similar to Maple in both appearance and personality.
  • Though the chances are remote, Maple has alternate dialogue if all of the items fall into deep water, down pits, or are otherwise lost before the mad dash "game" can begin.[citation needed]


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