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The Map-Seller is a character in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland.[2]


The Map-Seller is an elderly woman whose husband has passed away.[3][1] Because of her husband's death, she took up the profession of map-making, but is having a difficult time creating maps because her hands shake. When she meets Tingle, she asks him for help drawing maps for her.[4][5] After Tingle accepts, the Map-Seller asks him to draw her husband's grave on the map to make it current.[6] Afterwards, the Map-Seller offers to reward Tingle for drawing landmarks on the map.[7]

The Map-Seller can later be seen at her shop, where she tells Tingle that she does not have any maps for sale and asks him to keep making maps so that she can sell them.[8] Once Tingle completes the map for Hometown Prairie, she thanks him and buys the map back for 100 Rupees.[9] Afterwards, she declares that her map shop is now open for business.[10] From Sunshine Seashore onwards, Tingle can purchase the incomplete maps for each area from the Look-What-I-Found Kid, enabling him to map more locations and claim more rewards from the Map-Seller.

After Tingle maps every location and buys every map back from the Map-Seller, she passes away, thanking Tingle for his services. She also gives him the Master Pen, one of the Rupee Goods.

Prices and Wares

Item Price
FPTRR Hometown Prairie Map.png
Hometown Prairie
125 Rupees
FPTRR Sunshine Seashore.png
Sunshine Seashore
300 Rupees
FPTRR Cape Treasure.png
Cape Treasure
600 Rupees
FPTRR Lon Lon Meadow.png
Lon Lon Meadow
1250 Rupees
FPTRR Deku Forest.png
Deku Forest
2500 Rupees
FPTRR Steamy Marsh.png
Steamy Marsh
5750 Rupees
FPTRR Gooey Swamp.png
Gooey Swamp
7500 Rupees
FPTRR Icy Plain.png
Icy Plain
10000 Rupees
FPTRR Mount Desma.png
Mount Desma
15000 Rupees
FPTRR Fairy Garden.png
Fairy Garden
25000 Rupees
FPTRR Auros Ruins.png
Auros Ruins
37500 Rupees


The rewards that the Map-Seller offers for completing maps are as follows:

Hometown Prairie

Location Reward
Husband's Grave Hometown Prairie Map (incomplete)
Fish Rock 50 Rupees
Mapping Complete 100 Rupees

Sunshine Seashore

Location Reward
Starfish Stage 120 Rupees
Turtle Island 96 Rupees
Shell Mound 64 Rupees
Seashore Orb 64 Rupees
Mapping Complete 240 Rupees

Cape Treasure

Location Reward
Shore Question Mark 160 Rupees
Great Reef 104 Rupees
Bone Dummy 128 Rupees
Treasure Orb 104 Rupees
Fish Head 144 Rupees
Mapping Complete 480 Rupees

Lon Lon Meadow

Location Reward
Mystery Circle 320 Rupees
Milk Container 240 Rupees
Potato Boy 160 Rupees
Spin Flowers 240 Rupees
Tomato Scarecrow 160 Rupees
Lon Lon Orb 160 Rupees
Big Waterwheel 280 Rupees
Mapping Complete 1000 Rupees

Deku Forest

Location Reward
Macho Photo-Op 240 Rupees
Cherry Tree Family 240 Rupees
Wood Fighter 320 Rupees
Deku Orb 240 Rupees
Junglo Bell 280 Rupees
Second Junglo Bell 280 Rupees
Mapping Complete 2000 Rupees

Steamy Marsh

Location Reward
Squirrel Wheel 400 Rupees
Shower Flower 1200 Rupees
Beehive 640 Rupees
Flower Field 960 Rupees
Steamy Orb 400 Rupees
Father Frog 640 Rupees
Little Frog 1200 Rupees
Mapping Complete 4600 Rupees

Gooey Swamp

Location Reward
Bell Flower 1200 Rupees
Dice Swamp 1440 Rupees
Mushroom Ring 960 Rupees
Crazy Anchor 1600 Rupees
Muddy Fish Head 1200 Rupees
West Insect Head 400 Rupees
Gooey Orb 640 Rupees
East Insect Head 400 Rupees
Central Insect Head 400 Rupees
Frill Flower 1200 Rupees
Insect Hall 800 Rupees
Mapping Complete 6000 Rupees

Icy Plain

Location Reward
Snow Father 2100 Rupees
Snow Mother 1080 Rupees
Snow Boy 900 Rupees
Snow Girl 1500 Rupees
Snow Pet 1080 Rupees
Eerie Girl's Grave 1080 Rupees
Giant Crystal 1320 Rupees
Icy Orb 900 Rupees
Mapping Complete 8000 Rupees

Mount Desma

Location Reward
Bearded Statue 600 Rupees
Try-Hard Statue 600 Rupees
Spirited Statue 600 Rupees
In-A-Huff Statue 600 Rupees
Greeting Statue 600 Rupees
Cheerful Statue 600 Rupees
Embarrassed Statue 600 Rupees
Roaring Statue 600 Rupees
Smug Statue 800 Rupees
Uneasy Statue 800 Rupees
Troubled Statue 800 Rupees
Saluting Statue 800 Rupees
Come Here-Statue 800 Rupees
Let's-Go Statue 800 Rupees
Happy Statue 800 Rupees
Beckoning Statue 800 Rupees
Leg-Lifting Statue 1200 Rupees
Kicking Statue 1200 Rupees
Laid-Back Statue 1200 Rupees
Oops-A-Daisy Statue 1200 Rupees
Rumba Statue 1200 Rupees
Mambo Statue 1200 Rupees
Dumbstruck Statue 1200 Rupees
Give-Up Statue 1200 Rupees
Rocky Orb 1200 Rupees
Tingly Statue 4000 Rupees
Mapping Complete 12000 Rupees

Fairy Garden

Location Reward
Garden Face 4000 Rupees
Blue Chicken 1440 Rupees
Red Chicken 1440 Rupees
Green Chicken 1440 Rupees
Black Spring 3600 Rupees
Blue Spring 3600 Rupees
Green Spring 3600 Rupees
Yellow Spring 3600 Rupees
Red Spring 3600 Rupees
Fairy Motors 4000 Rupees
Mr. Cactus 5600 Rupees
Garden Ball Park 6400 Rupees
Garden Boat 4800 Rupees
Garden Bridge 5600 Rupees
Dried-Up Waterwheel 3600 Rupees
Garden Orb 2400 Rupees
Mapping Complete 20000 Rupees

Auros Ruins

Location Reward
Death Bug Statue 10000 Rupees
Dora Dora Statue 10000 Rupees
Stalfos Statue 10000 Rupees
Bana Bana Statue 10000 Rupees
Oinker Altar 12000 Rupees
Broken Orb 8000 Rupees
Mapping Complete 30000 Rupees


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