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Mansion Map
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The Mansion Map,[1] also known as the Map of the Mansion,[2] is an item in Twilight Princess.

Location and Uses

The Mansion Map is the Dungeon Map for the Snowpeak Ruins. It is obtained by speaking to Yeta in the common room of the Snowpeak Ruins after Link inquires about the Mirror Shard located at the Snowpeak Ruins.[3] While attempting to mark the location of the Bedroom Key, Yeta mistakenly marks the position of an Ordon Pumpkin and sends Link on his way to retrieve it.[4] After Link retrieves the Pumpkin, Yeta once more mistakenly marks the Mansion Map with the location of the Ordon Goat Cheese.[5] Upon receiving the Ordon Goat Cheese, Yeta asks Link to deliver the Cheese to Yeto while she attempts to recall the Bedroom Key's location.[6] Yeta then remembers that they put it in a nearby room and marks its position on the Mansion Map.[7]

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    Green areas are ones you've visited.
    ⬧The yellow arrow is you.
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