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"There's weird, suspicious folks out there! So I gotta check everyone out to make sure no one dangerous gets through. I'm volunteerin' my own time because it's an important service for the village."
— Manny

Manny is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He can be found leaning on the donkey stables outside of The Great Ton Pu Inn. He says his job is to check out everyone who comes into Hateno Village and see if they're suspicious or not. He claims he volunteered to act as a watchman of sorts keeping an eye out for suspicious folks. But he sometimes slips up and reveals that he's checking out "the beauties". Manny wants Link to help him find out what Prima likes. It can be inferred that Manny is interested in Prima. Link can also talk to Manny about the Great Calamity and Princess Zelda.

It is implied he volunteered to check out travelers to ensure they are not suspicious as suspicious travelers tend to be disguised Yiga Footsoldiers who would be a threat to Hateno Village due to its association with the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. However he also apparently takes advantage of said position to check out beautiful girls indicating he had less than noble motivations for taking the job. As Hateno Village's local watchman, Manny presumably works alongside the gatekeeper Thadd to keep the village safe from dangerous outsiders.

Physical Appearance

Manny is a larger Hylian male with medium length hair that swoops beside his eyes. He wears large, tan overalls as well as a simple Hylian shirt and dark brown, elbow-length gloves.

Related Quests

Manny offers the side quest "A Gift for My Beloved" where Link must help Manny figure out what Prima likes. Unfortunately Prima is annoyed by Link's inquiry and decides to respond by something random and she lies saying she likes Restless Crickets and sarcastically wishes she had 100 of them. Link takes this erroneous information back to Manny who decides to start with 10 Restless Crickets which he has Link collect unaware Prima doesn't actually like Restless Crickets and was just telling Link that to satisfy his apparent curiosity as she was suspicious as to why he asked her.

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