Manhandla is a mini-boss from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. It serves as the final enemy in The Coast, the first stage in Eastern Hyrule. It is a large spinning plant-like enemy with four different-colored claws stemming off its body. Manhandla is seen various other times throughout the game, including in Frozen Hyrule and the Realm of the Heavens.


To defeat Manhandla, the appropriately colored Link must strike its matching claw on Manhandla. Every time Link strikes a claw, it retracts, and Manhandla spins faster. If Link strikes a claw that does not match its color, all retracted claws come back out and spit fireballs at Link. Manhandla is defeated after all four claws have been struck without error.


Manhandla (Four Swords Adventures)

Manhandla (Four Swords Adventures)


Like its The Legend of Zelda incarnation, Manhandla's name is a corruption of the word "Manhandle" meaning "to handle roughly". The name could also be a play on the word "Mandala", a sacred art form found in Buddhist and Hindu traditions. Manhandla resembles many Tibetan forms of this art form, both in color selection and shape.

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