"I am Manbo, child of the Sun Fish!"
— Manbo

Manbo is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. The self-proclaimed son of the Sun Fish, he is an overgrown, talking mola residing in an underwater cavern to the west of Angler's Tunnel. If Link has obtained the Ocarina, Manbo and his smaller fish back-up singers grace the hero with a performance of a song known as "Manbo's Mambo".

After the performance is over, Link learns the song on his Ocarina. When played in the overworld, this song transports Link to Manbo's Pond, located right outside Crazy Tracy's Health Spa in Koholint Prairie, allowing Link to purchase her Secret Medicine and bonus treatment should he be in need of it. When played inside dungeons, the song transports Link back to the entrance.

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