"This is the best place in town to relax. You can also pick up some good tips, from the latest gossip to observations about the world."

Mama's Cafe is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Located in Hyrule Town, it is owned and operated by Mama. There is a pot that can be overturned with the Cane of Pacci to reveal a Picori Portal. A small congregation of Minish can be found on the rafters; Link can fuse Kinstones with some of them. If Link exits the building through the small Minish-sized door in the front, he can access some parts of the west side of Hyrule Town; if he exits through the rafters, he can reach the rafters of the Hyrule Town Shop. The Hurdy-Gurdy Man can also be found in Mama's Cafe and will fuse Kinstones with Link.

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