"You will buy it now, if you are smart, at MAAAAA-LOOOO MART!"
Gor Ebizo and Gor Liggs

Malo Mart is a chain of shops from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The original Malo Mart is started in Kakariko Village (under the name of Kakariko Goods) by Malo, the youngest of the Children of Ordon. The shop was originally run by a lady who was killed during the attack on Kakariko during Zant's Invasion of Hyrule, and ostensibly turned into a Shadow Beast, if Barnes' story is to be believed. Malo, who, along with the other children, was taken to Kakariko after being rescued by Renado, finds the abandoned shop and opens up one of his own. It is here that Link can purchase, among other things, the Hylian Shield, Wooden Shield, and the Hawkeye.

Also in the shop, Link can donate Rupees to Gor Liggs restore the bridge leading to Hyrule Castle Town in the main plain of the Eldin Province. After the bridge is restored, Link can assist Gor Liggs' Son and receive a Piece of Heart by taking a barrel of Hot Spring Water he obtains from Gor Liggs' to Gor Liggs' Son and dowsing him with it. If he donates a certain amount of Rupees to Gor Ebizo, the Malo Mart Castle Branch will open in place of Chudley's Fine Goods and Fancy Trinkets Emporium in Hyrule Castle Town.

In the Hyrule Castle Town branch, there is always a sale going on, offering Potions, Arrows, and Bombs. There is also a special item that cannot be found anywhere else — the Magic Armor, which costs 598 Rupees. When it is purchased, its spot in the shop is never occupied again.

Interestingly, if Link manages to keep his Ordon Shield intact and tries to purchase a Wooden Shield from Malo, he will refuse to sell it to Link as he already has a shield made of Wood and refuses to sell as he considers Link carrying around two wooden shields (even if they are of different designs) as shameless extravagance.

Upon the opening of the Castle Town Branch, many residents in the Market will be seen carrying Malo Mart shopping bags, further showing Malo Mart's success.

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