"Time is money. If you're done shopping, then quit wasting both..."
— Malo

Malo is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. He is a resident of Ordon Village; the second son of Jaggle and Pergie, and the younger brother of Talo. He is a precocious--if brusque and sarcastic--youth whose child-like appearance belies a cunning and heavily ambitious sense of business acumen.


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Early on in the game, when Malo's friends talk Link into showcasing his sword or slingshot, Malo continually makes disparaging or sarcastic remarks under his breath as his friends gush over Link's skill. However, at certain points, even he is left speechless and visibly impressed with Link's deeds. At one point, Talo and his friends chase after a monkey that has been causing trouble in the village; as Talo ventures deeper into the forest, Malo is unable to keep up, and warns Link to be careful when he passes by. Eventually, he is kidnapped by Zant's minions alongside the other Ordon children.

After Link is reunited with the children in Kakariko Village Malo takes over the village's abandoned shop, turning it into the very first franchise of his burgeoning business empire, Malo Mart. After Link completes the Goron Mines and restores the cordiality of human-Goron relations, the Goron elders, in a partnership with Malo, start a donation campaign to repair the eastern bridge to Hyrule Castle Town, which had earlier been destroyed.

Once the donation amount of 1,000 Rupees is reached and the bridge is rebuilt, Malo begins a second donation campaign to take over Chudley's Fine Goods and Fancy Trinkets Emporium in Hyrule Castle Town, for 2,000 Rupees total. This goal can be lowered to 200 Rupees if Link helps out Gor Liggs's son. Once this second donation goal is reached, Chudley is promptly bought out by Malo (though retained as an employee) and his emporium becomes another branch of Malo Mart; the store's previously overpriced merchandise, including the Magic Armor, is now available for more reasonable prices.

At the end of Link's adventure, the children of Ordon, among them Malo and his brother, are finally reunited with their families.

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Non-canonical appearances

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Malo appears as a trophy and as a sticker. The latter grants a +19 launch resistance bonus.

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It is possible that Malo is named after Malon. This is likely due to the fact that if an "n" is added to the end of Malo or Talo, it spells out Malon or Talon, respectively.


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