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This article is about Naydra while covered in Malice. For an article on when Naydra is cured, see Naydra.

Malice Naydra is an Enemy in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Malice Naydra is a form of Naydra while is it covered in Malice. It has glowing eyes covering its body, which Link must shoot at while it is in flight to dispel the Malice.

At the beginning of the fight, Naydra curls up at the Spring of Wisdom. Link must shoot one of the large eyes to send Naydra flying into the air around Mount Lanayru. A second shot will make Malice Naydra to fly down the mountain, where Link pursues it and fires the third and fourth shots to destroy the Malice and cure Naydra.


  • During the fight with Malice Naydra, a corrupted version of the Dragons' theme plays.[2]


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