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Malena is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Malena is a Gerudo who can be found in Gerudo Town. During the night, she is sleeping in Hotel Oasis, whispering in her sleep that she will cure her husband.[2] During the day, she is in the barracks begging the Gerudo soldiers to help her. If Link speaks to her, she says that she met the man of her dreams and recently married him.[3] Malena says that she thought she finally found happiness,[4] but her husband became sick with a rare, fatal disease.[5] She explains that the only cure for him are Molduga Guts,[6] but that she would never be able to defeat a Molduga herself.[7] She goes on to say that she has asked the Gerudo soldiers for help, but they refused.[8] Malena does not blame them for avoiding a beast as dangerous as a Molduga and wonders if it is foolish to expect others to help a stranger in need.[9][10] Malena is disappointed that she had to return to Gerudo Town.[11] If Link asks about Moldugas, Malena explains that it is a monster so savage that even other monsters do not go near it.[12] She mentions that one can be found in the Toruma Dunes and at the Southern Oasis.[13] She comments that Moldugas are sensitive to vibrations, hinting at its weakness to Remote Bombs.[14] She also says that Moldugas live in areas of extreme heat and that even Gerudo could not stand that level of heat without the proper gear.[15][16] Malena warns Link to be careful if he travels to those areas.[17] Before ending the conversation, Malena questions what she is supposed to do if she cannot even approach a Molduga and Link receives the "Medicinal Molduga" Side Quest.[18] In order to obtain Molduga Guts, Link must defeat a Molduga, which will drop Molduga Guts upon defeat.

If Link speaks to Malena again, she says that her husband was the first man to tell her she is beautiful and reiterates that she needs Molduga Guts.[19][20] Malena is worried that she is running out of time to save her husband.[21] If Link offers Malena some Molduga Guts, she reacts in great surprise and asks if Link will really give them to her.[22][23] Link gives her the Molduga Guts and Malena becomes overjoyed and thanks him.[24] Malena rewards Link with a Gold Rupee and begins to weep in joy as she whispers that the Molduga Guts will save her husband.[25][26] Malena then begins to walk away and the Side Quest is completed. If Link talks to Malena as she is leaving, she again thanks Link and says that she is going to get ready to return to him immediately.[27][28] She then mentions that she never got Link's name.[29] If Link responds that he is just a traveler, she compliments him for his modesty and hopes that she can someday raise a daughter to be like him.[30][31] If Link tells her his name, she mentions that it sounds like a man's name.[32] She then tells Link that she might name her daughter after him and that she will never forget him.[33][34] Malena temporarily returns to Hotel Oasis and later leaves Gerudo Town. From this point on, she can never be encountered again.


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JapanJapaneseメルエナ (Meruena)
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