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Main Characters

Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
MM Link Tatl Artwork.png
リンク (Rinku) Link Link Link Link Link
MM Tatl Artwork.png
チャット (Chatto) Tatl Taya Taya Taya Taya
MM Tael Artwork.png
トレイル (Toreiru) Tael Tael Tael Tael Tael
MM Skull Kid Artwork.png
スタルキッド (Sutaru Kiddo) Skull Kid Skull Kid Horror-Kid Skull Kid Skull Kid
MM Happy Mask Salesman Artwork.png
しあわせのお面屋 (Shiawase no Omen-ya) Happy Mask Salesman Vendeur de Masques Besitzer des Fröhlichen Maskenladens Vendedor de Máscaras Venditore di maschere
MM3D Deku Butler's Son Artwork.png
Deku Butler's Son Enfant Mojo Sohn des Deku-Butlers
MM Darmani III Artwork.png
ダルマーニ3世 (Darumâni San-sei) Darmani III Darmani le Troisième Darmani Darmani Darmani III
MM Mikau Artwork.png
ミカウ (Mikau) Mikau Mikau Mikau Mikau Mikau

Secondary Characters

Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
MM Anju Artwork.png
アンジュ (Anju) Anju Anju Anju Anju Anju
MM Kafei Artwork.png
カーフェイ (Kāfei) Kafei Kafei Kafei Kafei Kafei
MM Bombers Artwork.png
ボンバーズ (Bonbāzu) Bombers Secret Society of Justice Société Secrète des Bombers Geheime Bruderschaft der Bomber Sociedad Secreta para la Justicia de los Bomber Bomber
OoT Professor Shikashi Model.png
シカシ博士 (Shikashi-hakase) Professor Shikashi Professor Shikashi
Professor Shikashi Profesor Shikashi Professor Shikashi
MM Cremia Model.png
クリミア (Kurimia) Cremia Cremia Cremia Cremia Cremia
MM Romani Model.png
ロマニー (Romanī) Romani Romani Romani Romani Romani
MM Koume.png
コウメ / 小梅 (Koume) Koume Koume Koume Koume Koume
MM Kotake Model.png
コタケ / 小竹 (Kotake) Koume Kotake Koume Koume Koume
MM Monkey Artwork.png
猿 (Saru) Monkey Singe Affe Monos Scimmia
MM Deku Butler Artwork.png
Deku Butler Majordome Deku-Butler
MM Deku King Model.png
Deku King Roi Mojo Deku-König
MM Deku Princess Artwork.png
デク姫 (Deku Hime) Deku Princess Princesse Mojo Deku-Prinzessin Princesa Deku
MM Deku Scrub Model.png
Deku Palace Guards Garde Mojo
MM Epona Model.png
エポナ (Epona) Epona Epona Epona Epona Epona
MM Sharp Model.png
シャープ (Shāpu) Sharp Dièze Dur Sharp Compositore Reale Diesis
フラット (Furatto) Flat Baimol Moll Flat Compositore Reale Bemolle
MM giants.jpg
4人の巨人 (Yonin no Kyojin) Four Giants Géants Vier Giganten Cuatro Gigantes Quattro Giganti
MM Goron Elder Artwork.png
ゴロン長老 (Goron Chourou) Goron Elder Ancêtre des Gorons, Ancien des Gorons Goronen-Ältester Anciano Goron Goron Anziano
MM Elder's Son Artwork.png
長老の息子 (Chourou no Musuko) Goron Elder's Son Fils de l'Ancêtre Sohn des Ältesten Hijo del Anciano Goron Figlio del Goron Anziano
MM Biggoron Model.png
ダイゴロン (Daigoron) Biggoron Biggoron Biggoron Grande Goron
MM Indigo-Go's Artwork.png
ダル・ブルー (Daru Burū) The Indigo-Go's Les Indigo-Go Die Indigo-Gos Los Indigo-Go’s Gli Indigo-Go
MM Aviel Model.png
アベール (Abēru) Aveil Aveil Aveil Aveil Aveil
MM Giant Turtle Model.png
亀 (Kame) Giant Turtle Tortue Géante Schildkröte Tortuga Gigante Tartaruga
MM Pamela Artwork.png
パメラ (Pamera) Pamela Pamela Pamela Pamela Pamela
MM Pamela's Father Artwork.png
パメラの父 (Pamera no Chichi) Pamela's Father Père de Pamela Pamelas Vater Padre de Pamela Padre di Pamela
MM3D Poe Collector Artwork.png
ポウマスター (Pou Masutā) Poe Collector Marchand d'Ames Geisterhändler Cazafantasmas Collezionista di Anime
MM Great Fairy of Magic Model.png
魔法の大妖精 (Mahou no Dai Yousei) Great Fairy of Magic Grande Fée de la Magie Große Fee der Magie Gran Hada de la Magia Fata Radiosa della Magia
MM Great Fairy of Power Model.png
力の大妖精 (Tikara no Dai Yousei) Great Fairy of Power Grande Fée de la Force Große Fee der Kraft Gran Hada del Poder Fata Radiosa del Potere
MM Great Fairy of Wisdom Model.png
知恵の大妖精 (Tie no Dai Yousei) Great Fairy of Wisdom Grande Fée de la Sagesse Große Fee der Weisheit Gran Hada de la Sabiduría Fata Radiosa della Saggezza
MM Great Fairy of Courage Model.png
勇気の大妖精 (Yuuki no Dai Yousei) Great Fairy of Courage Grande Fée du Courage Große Fee des Mutes Gran Hada del Valor Fata Radiosa del Coraggio
MM3D Great Fairy of Kindness Notebook Portrait.png
心の大妖精 (Kokoro no Dai Yousei) Great Fairy of Kindness Grande Fée du Cœur Große Fee der Güte Gran Hada de la Bondad Fata Radiosa della Bontà
MM3D Kaepora Gaebora Artwork.png
ケポラ・ゲボラ (Kepora Gebora) Kaepora Gaebora Grand Hibou Methusa Kaepora Gaebora Kaepora Gaebora
MM Tingle Artwork.png
チンクル (Chinkuru) Tingle Tingle Tingle Tingle Tingle

Other Characters

Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
MM3D ??? Artwork.png
??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
MM Anju's Mother Model.png
アンジュの母 (Anju no Haha) Anju's Mother Mère d'Anju Anjus Mutter Madre de Anju Madre di Anju
MM Granny Model.png
アンジュのおばあさん (Anju no Obaasan) Anju's Grandmother Grand-mère d'Anju Anjus Großmutter Abuela de Anju Nonna di Anju
OoT Buyer Model.png
銀行屋 (Ginkou Ya) Banker Banquier Bankbesitzer Banquero Banchiera
OoT Bean Seller Model.png
Bean Seller Vendeur de Haricots Wundererbsenverkäufer Vendedor de Judías Venditore di Fagioli
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