"Match the seal on the envelope with the same icon on the shelf and throw the letter onto that shelf. Real easy. Simple."

Mail Sorting is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Located at the Mail Center on the second floor of the main cavern on Dragon Roost Island, it is run by Koboli. The game involves Link sorting through letters that are going to be delivered all around the Great Sea. Each letter has one of six different seals on it, and Link must put them in the correct delivery box. For each letter that Link can successfully sort in thirty seconds, he receives one Rupee. If Link can sort twenty letters within the thirty second time limit, Koboli gives him two Rupees for each letter sorted. If Link can sort twenty-five letters within thirty seconds, Koboli gives three Rupees for each letter sorted.

Eventually, Koboli hires Baito as a full-time mail sorter. When Link does the twenty-five letter sort for Baito he will give Link a letter to his mother Kashiko so he can take it down to the mail box, and eventually receive a piece of heart. After that Link can do the game as often as he likes and get one Rupee for every letter but only if he sorts twenty-five or more letters.

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