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"Postal Service" redirects here. For the service in The Wind Waker specifically, see Island Postal Service.

Mail Delivery is a recurring service in The Legend of Zelda series.[4] In The Wind Waker, it is named Island Postal Service.[5] The postal systems in The Minish Cap, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks are unnamed.

The service delivers Letters, possibly with other items enclosed. It is staffed by the Postman (or Rito postmen), usually in combination with sentient Postboxes and a Post Office. Postboxes and other postal equipment (such as the Postman's Hat) tends to be colored white on red and bears an insignia, either a rabbit head,(MM | TMC | TP) or a winged envelope.(TWW | PH | ST)


Majora's Mask

Clock Town has talking Postboxes that accept letters.[6] The Postman collects the mail in the morning and hand-delivers it in the afternoon. His schedule is set by Mayor Dotour,[7] but it can be overriden by the Postmistress,[8] Madame Aroma (the Mayor's wife).

Kafei uses the service to deliver an anonymous letter to Anju on the First Day. The Postman delivers it but dodges Anju's question when asked which Postbox it was from. Later on in the Anju's Anguish Event, Link mails Anju's Letter to Kafei. This is the only item Link can deposit in the Postbox. If Link attempts to deposit the Priority Mail, the Postbox will direct Link to the Post Office.[9]

The Wind Waker

Main article: Island Postal Service

The Island Postal Service delivers mail to islands of the Great Sea. The service is operated by the Rito, who do mail collection, sorting and delivery out of the Mail Center on Dragon Roost Island. Sentient Postboxes serve as the touchpoints for the service. They take outbound mail,[10] give out inbound mail, perform Cash-On-Delivery transactions,[11] and charge postage fees. Postage fees at any given Postboxes vary according to the distance from Dragon Roost Island. Postboxes wiggle when they have mail for Link.[12]

Link uses the service to mail Baito's Note to Mom, and Maggie's Letter to Moe at the Forsaken Fortress. The Windfall Island Postman Ilari delivers Maggie's Letter and returns with Moe's Letter, but is rebuffed by Maggie's Father when he attempts to deliver the letter to Maggie. Link can deliver it for him.

Garrickson is the only other character seen depositing mail. He uses the service to send unwanted love letters to an unspecified person.

The Minish Cap

Hyrule Town has a Postman and a Post Office in The Minish Cap, although the Postbox on its roof is purely decorative – Link himself neither receives nor sends mail.[note 1] The Postman dashes around Hyrule Town, while Stamp is constantly stamping letters in the Post Office. After Link Fuses Kinstone Pieces with the Postman, Stamp will bring Marcy to help him in the Post Office; Link can then buy issues of the Swordsman Newsletter.

Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess, Kingdom of Hyrule has no physical Post Office or Postboxes. The Postman hand-delivers Letters all over Kingdom of Hyrule. In between deliveries to Link, he can be seen at various locations struggling with some delivery or other.[15][16][17][18]

Phantom Hourglass

In Phantom Hourglass, the postal system features wiggling Postboxes as in The Wind Waker. When Link approaches one, a winged Postman appears. Rather than hand over the Letter, the Postman will read it aloud and comment on it afterwards.[19][20] The Postman is a new hire. In fact, the first Letter Link receives is from the Postmaster vouching for the new Postman.[21] The Postman has Link sign for every delivery.[20]

The Drawing Commission uses the postal system to run sweepstakes. Link participates by mailing Prize Postcards.

Spirit Tracks

In Spirit Tracks, the postal system functions the same way as in Phantom Hourglass, only the Postman hand-delivers Letters unopened, and Link needn't sign for them.[22] The Postman has the same physical appearance but without wings, and wears a different outfit. He imitates a chugging train when he approaches and leaves a Postbox. Link's first Letter is again one from the Postmaster vouching for his new employee. The postal system itself is new as of the day Link receives the Letter.[23] Despite this, the Postman goes to read the Letter aloud before remembering that the delivery policy changed due to complaints.[23]

Letters concerning Beedle's Members' Club each come with a package consisting of a new membership card.[24] Letters from the Battle Association come with a prize for having achieved a certain Battle Rank.[25][26] The Letter is delivered first, then the package.

Link can mail Prize Postcards in this game as well.[27]


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  • In The Minish Cap, the Postbox could originally wiggle and was interactive rather than decorative, but it was cut in the final version of the game.[28][29]

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