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For the Minigame of the same name, see Mail Center (Mini-Game).
Mail Center
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The Mail Center is a location in The Wind Waker.[1] The term may refer to the mail sorting desk at Dragon Roost Island, or to the whole aerie in which the sorting desk is located.[note 1] The aerie is the home of the Rito, whose sole industry is the Island Postal Service.

Features and Overview

The aerie is located inside the smaller of the two hollow peaks of Dragon Roost Island. The main entrance is on the north side of the island but is only accessible via a path on the south side. The path is poorly maintained—the airborne Rito have no need for it and aside from Link, Baito is the only non-Rito seen in the aerie. A wooden placard above the entrance says "Post House" in Hylian.

When Link enters the aerie for the first time, the Rito Chieftain welcomes him standing in the center of the room, which features an octogonal floor mosaic. The tunnel straight across from the main entrance leads down to the chieftain's son Komali's room. The tunnel to the right leads to Dragon Roost Pond. On the lefthand side, a rock walkway winds around the edge of the aerie up to a second floor.

Upper Rooms

The upper portion of the walkway features an arch with Hylian text on it. The inscription reads, "Post Office." Just before the arch is the room where Link and Medli first meet.[4] Hoskit stands outside the doorway throughout the game. After Dragon Roost Cavern, the Rito Chieftain and his guards Basht and Bisht inhabit the room. On the opposite side of the room is a doorway out to an upper balcony overlooking Dragon Roost Pond. The same mosaic from the aerie floor appears above the doorways inside the room.

Past the Post Office archway is the Mail Center office area, featuring a 4-counter service desk. The nearest counter has a weighing scale on it, the second and third have signs that say in Hylian, "Postage and Stamps" and "Savings and Exchanges", respectively. There is a box full of Delivery Bags on the floor behind the desk.

Past the service desk is a small storage room with some Vases and Wooden Boxes. There are Green Rupees in three of the smaller Vases on either side of the doorway.

Mail Sorting and Delivery

At the beginning of the game, Koboli is found sorting mail behind the service desk, but later on he hires Baito to take his place. Link can speak to either of them to play the the Mail Center Mini-Game in which Link throws letters onto shelves into a cupboard behind the desk. Each letter must go onto the shelf whose icon matches the seal on the letter. To the left of the cupboard is a map of the Great Sea with routes marked between Dragon Roost Island and the other main islands. The map shows which seal corresponds to which island. Outset Island is marked on the map but has no seal. The Tower of the Gods is also marked on the map, even before it rises out of the ocean.

The sorting area

Letter Seal Island
TWWHD Dragon Roost Island Letter.png Dragon Roost Island
TWWHD Forest Haven Letter.png Forest Haven
TWWHD Forsaken Fortress Letter.png Forsaken Fortress
TWWHD Greatfish Isle Letter.png Greatfish Isle
TWWHD Tingle Island Letter.png Tingle Island
TWWHD Windfall Island Letter.png Windfall Island

Just before the Mail Center desk is an exit leading to a balcony overtop the main entrance. The balcony is only accessible from the air and has three platforms that extend out towards the Great Sea, indicating that is intended for deliveries. The Postman Ilari is seen leaving from one of the platforms carrying a Delivery Bag. Link returns to this area to awaken Medli as the Sage of Earth.


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  1. In The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD PRIMA Official Game Guide by Prima Games, the aerie is known as the Rito Aerie.[2] In the guide, "Mail Center" refers specifically to the second floor of the aerie.[3] The game itself does not make such a clear distinction and "Mail Center" can be taken to mean the whole aerie. Thus the name "Rito Aerie" is not considered Canon.


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