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Maiamai are a jointly snail and squid-like species that appear in A Link Between Worlds. The Lost Maiamai are the children of Mother Maiamai, scattered across the lands of Hyrule and Lorule.


When Link first meets Mother Maiamai in a cave next to Lake Hylia, she pleads for the hero to find and collect her missing children and return them,[2] promising rewards in exchange. For every ten Lost Maiamai Link finds, Mother Maiamai will upgrade one of his items into a "Nice" weapon (provided he owns the weapon and is not merely renting it from Ravio). To aid him in his search, Mother Maiamai also gives Link the Maiamai Map, which tracks the number of Lost Maiamai remaining in each of the world's divided sections.

100 Lost Maiamai in total can be found in the overworlds of Hyrule and Lorule, each of them crying for their mother. Their squeaking will be audible if the Maiamai is within the camera's view. If Link stands near a Lost Maiamai, he will turn his head and stare towards its direction, providing a hint towards its exact location if it is hidden. This also works when Link and the Maiamai are at different elevations. Many Maiamai are well hidden, and require certain abilities or items to rescue. Some Maiamai may be found under rocks or in grass. Maiamai hidden in trees can be jostled out by running into the tree with the Pegasus Boots. Maiamai stuck on walls can be pushed off by Link Wall Merging into the wall, then separating himself from the wall when he is beneath the Maiamai. Once Link can use the Sand Rod, he can use it to unearth Maiamai from sand as well.

After all Maiamai have been found, Mother Maiamai will upgrade Link's Spin Attack ability to the Great Spin, and Mother Maiamai will leave her cave with her children to a different dimension.[3] After this, a single female Maiamai will stay behind in the cave, telling Link that she is the 72nd that he saved,[4] and asking the young hero to wish her luck on being as good of a mother as Mother Maiamai.[5]


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