Magtails are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Magtails are centipede-like beings covered in a rugged exoskeleton, and can withstand the scorching heat of molten lava. They are found in Dragon Roost Cavern and other cave-like dungeons. They are impervious to most sword-based attacks, and can only be injured if struck in the eye. Direct physical contact with a Magtail will result in the loss of a quarter of a heart, but getting bitten by one will deal half a heart of damage. Typically, once it's in its defensive position, a Magtail takes eight hits to defeat, but if it is allowed to curl up for an extended period of time, it will emerge from its defensive position with all of its lost vitality regained. They also hold some scorpion characteristics such as the pincers & shells.

They also have a weakness towards water, in which they will curl up as they would do if they were struck in the eye with a sword. The only way to completely defeat them when they are curled up is to completely crush them with the Skull Hammer or hit them with a sword. It is also possible to kill a Magtail in a single hit by parrying. When Magtails are in a defensive position, they can be picked up and moved around. They sometimes need to be placed on switches to hold them down while Link takes advantage of the switch's effects.

Many sources consider Gohma to be a large species of Magtail or possibly the mother of all Magtails. One can especially see the resemblance between Gohma and all Magtails during the actual battle when Link weakens Gohma and cracks off her hard shell, revealing what looks like a giant Magtail.

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