Magos are enemies from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. They are Wizzrobe-like enemies that are found only in the Ocean Palace.


Magos are orange-robed monsters with skull-like faces. It is unknown whether they are skeletons or if they wear masks. Magos move by teleportation. They will appear in immaterial form, identifiable by a flickering appearance, in which they cannot be damaged. They briefly materialize to release a ball of flame that travels slowly along the floor towards Link and continues to burn for several seconds after it stops moving. The flame can be blocked with Reflect. After releasing the flame, they phase out and teleport to a different location in the room. Magos are only vulnerable to Link's Sword when fully material. They are immune to the Fire Spell.

Unlike most other enemies in The Adventure of Link, Magos always provide experience points, never Magic Vials or P Bags. They are also one of the highest experience-giving enemies in the game, giving out 200 experience points upon defeat.


The word mago means "wizard" in several languages.

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