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Not to be confused with the Magnifying Lens from Link's Awakening
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Magnifying Glass
Magnifying Glass.png
The Magnifying Glass as seen in the book
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Frees Link from the Crystal when used with the Handprint and the Magic Honey

The Magnifying Glass is an item in The Crystal Trap. Located in the Cavern, it is one of the three items required to free Link from the Crystal as dictated by the Fairy's Scroll.

Princess Zelda can only access the room where the Magnifying Glass is located if she received the Witch's Ring from the Tree Witch in the Forest. Once she opens up the locked door by placing the ring on the keyhole, she will step into the small, empty chamber, causing for the door to close behind her; however, the door opens again after the chamber turns, and Zelda quickly exits to see a small room with nothing except a winding staircase.[1] Zelda climbs the stairs and finds a door at the top as well as a Magnifying Glass in the middle of a table.[2] She looks at the glass and thinks about the riddle of the Fairy's Scroll, just then realizing that the answer to the first part of the riddle is "sun."[3]

Once Zelda reaches the room where Link is imprisoned, she will hold the Magnifying Glass above the Magic Honey, causing the crystal to finally crack open due to the heat of the magnified sunlight.[4]

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